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Preparing for Parenthood


Ideal First Food

During pregnancy and for a few days after the birth your breasts produce colostrum.  Colostrum is the ideal first food for your baby.  It is easy for them to digest and provides the correct mix of nutrients and antibodies.

It is Good for You Too

Breast feeding soon after the birth is good for you.  It will help your uterus to contract and reduce the amount of postnatal bleeding you experience.

Breast Feeding on Demand

Breast feeding on demand means that baby is fed whenever they want, for as long as they want.  After the first day of breastfeeding this can be anything from 8 to 12 times over 24 hours.

Breast Feeding Supports

Many mothers and their babies find breastfeeding straight forward.  Some mothers and babies find it a challenge.  Be patient, it takes time to learn how to breastfeed.  If you are struggling ask for help.

Here are some people you call:

Ask a HSE breastfeeding expert

The HSE have an online breastfeeding expert to answer your questions.  They can give you professional advice, information and support. You can LiveChat directly  between 10:00am and 3:00pm on weekdays, or you can submit a question online. Click here for details.

You can also find further information and support on the HSE website.

Public Health Nurse (PHN)

Public Health Nurses work from every HSE Health Centre.  They visit new mothers and babies at home offering support, advice and screening.  They may be able to help with any breastfeeding questions you have.

You can contact your Public Health Nurse at your Local HSE Health Centre. Please click  here to locate your nearest HSE Health Centre in Co.Louth.

Cuidiu Groups

Cuidiu is a national breastfeeding organisation.  They run breastfeeding support groups across the country.  These groups are a good opportunity for you to meet other breastfeeding mums and breastfeeding counsellors.  Please click here for locations and contact details in Co.Louth.